The year on the Puntschuhof

Experience the mountain farm with all your senses!

Our farm, commonly named “Puntscha”, is a typical South Tyrolean mountain farm.
It is one of the oldest farms in Kastelruth and has existed since the 7th century. Lovingly and mindful we have managed it as a family business since 1900.

The core of the farm is the dairy industry, the milk of our 20 cows we deliver daily to the milk processing plant “Brimi” in Brixen. For our own use we keep between 8 and 12 chickens and a pig. Our dog “Mäggi” and the 6 cats ensure law and order, the rabbit “Flecki” is responsible for lawn care. Two horses are guests in the colder months of the year. In the summer months they are allowed to graze together with the calves on the Seiser Alm. And as long as the meadows are green, they remain outdoors. Depending on your wishes, we will gladly put 1/2 l fresh milk and 2 eggs for breakfast in Front of the apartment. The vegetables from our garden and the fruits of our trees can also be tasted. On the farm there are a variety of herbs that are freely available to our guests. Chives, parsley and basil can be found directly on the balcony of the apartment. We offer guests a farm or a herbal tour, depending on where the interest is. During the guided tour of the farm, we mainly visit our animals and tell the story of the farm and how it is managed today. On the other hand, during the herbal tour, we show the guest which herbs he can find where on the farm. Afterwards, we serve for example herbal tea and bacon with chives. For a stay with breakfast, guests will find the products of the farm on the breakfast table.

On special days, senior farmer Johanna Hofer traditionally makes the delicious „Kastelruther Krapfen“, as has been customary in Kastelruth for centuries. She also likes to bake a delicious cake of apple strudel, „Linzer“ or raspberry roulade with cream.

The movement in the fresh air in our breathtaking surroundings we would like to encourage and praise the guests in any case. Due to the silence and harmony it is also wonderfully possible to relax and do nothing on the farm. We ourselves also like to stay at home in our free time and enjoy and watch our animals. There is a lot of passion behind our agriculture. One does not work without the other in our case. The work is carried out with ambition and skill and everyone tries to make his contribution. Thus, the „Puntschuhof“ is a lively and versatile farm. Farmer Armin Hofer is a agricultural machine mechanic. In addition to his daily work with the animals, he maintains the vehicles and equipment. Its fleet also benefits third parties, in winter the road is cleared of snow and in summer he helps with the feed harvest. Meadow, forest, house and garden are cared for with attention to detail. And sharing our paradise is always an enrichment for us. If our guests go home happy and satisfied, we are too.

Sommerurlaub auf der Seiser Alm

Summer holidays on the farm

The wide range of leisure activities available in the Schlern area will make your stay a true paradise. You will be able to go on excursions, go mountain biking, rock climbing, swimming or simply relax: the choice is yours!
Especially, on the Seiser Alm, the upland declared as a conservation area, you will be able to experience some unforgettable moments during your excursions. You can admire the green Alpine meadows and choose from a large number of itineraries, ranging from easy to difficult, challenging for excursion fanatics, but also ideal for the whole family.
Winterurlaub auf der Seiser Alm

Winter holidays on our farm

Skiing, cross-country skiing, sledging, skating or snowshoeing on the Seiser Alm - these are only some of the sports that can be practised at the foot of the Schlern. The well-organised ski-lifts and bus links will provide you with a smooth ride to the top of the Seiser Alm, Europe's largest upland.

The Dolomites Superski will set your heart racing when you get a taste of the fun of winter sports.